Harunari "Jamiroq" Takata
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"Don't do today what you can do tomorrow."

Who I Am

Visit my LinkedIn for some inspiration.

I am the second year undergraduate student in Keio University See also my Github. I am @jamiroq_tkt on Twitter.

I am currently studying Distributed Systems at Data Platform Laboratory / Jun Murai Lab Delight Group
Especially, I am working on Computer Science, Distributed Consensus and Blockchain.

How to Reach Me

You can send email for me to tkthdev (at) gmail.com
I read everything sent there.

My Name

My name is 高田 晴成(たかた はるなり) in Japanese.
Fun fact is that it's hard even for me to pronounce my family name "Takata". My lab members call me "Jamiroq" which comes from Jamiroquai.

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Things I like

  • Basketball. I've been supporting LA Clippers since 2016.
  • Girlfriend.

  • My dream is to be a vim master.